Friday, 19 September 2008


本來說過了不開部落格, 怕麻煩. 臉皮厚厚的在好友艾琳的網站張貼我的流浪日記, 記敘出走的經歷. 打算寫完就關店. 但由於出口成髒, 粗言猥語, 積習難改, 恐怕與艾琳文藝性很強的網站格調不合. 雖艾琳性格豪爽, 從來不在意. 我看了又看, 想了很久, 總覺過意不去. 所以決定開間小店, 以便大聲說話, 爽爽罵人.

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pych69 said...

Hi Bro,am glad to "see" u here. u know wat, actually i always wonder y ppl nowadays like to creat blogger and upload their personal stuffs for ppl to view on the net. come on, where is the privacy n so only i found out the reasons behind it.
when u read someone else blogger (frens or strangers), u might have taken it as interesting story and experience to share with, but when u read someone's who is very close to u (physically as well as morally), it gives u more than just story or it automatically links to ur life (pass, present n future).
anyway, is very precise to be able to do things followed ur instinct n interest (regardless how hard v gonna go thru, how much v gonna pay for and how pain v gonna suffer)..bro, u have all my supports since day 1, so the support stays as it long as am still alive. watever u thk is right n u r happy with it, go for it. Good Luck!!