Saturday, 19 September 2015

What is your MARUAH, Melayu?

Please do not let your (so called) “moderate Malay” friends get away with this by fooling around with the words like “racial harmony” or “provocative act”. For the majority of the Malays the red shirt monkeys took the street because you stomped Najib’s picture, as it “provoked the Malays to act”. And most of them are keeping quiet when we were called BABI, while warning you that calling the Malays BABI in return is provocative. Huh? See?

Because even the “moderate Malays” are talking to you with the perception and implication that they are your ruling class as “they let you stay here.”

Hei, moron, I was born here and I earn my rights to live here, and I do not need your approval. If my ancestor was from China, yours were from Indonesia, as this land belonged originally to orang Asli. If you do not understand what is constitutional rights and democracy I suggest you migrate to the Arab world to live with the IS.

The Malays, for the past 58 years, having been the overwhelming majority of all races and the dominant political power in the country, having enjoyed privilege in all sectors, from education to business; having been fed by our tax money cause they only pay zakat, and having been unfairly protected by the police for crime against Chinese on the ground of racial biasedness, are now ridiculously indulging SELF PITY and portraying themselves as the victims and the oppressed, for not being able to stand on their own feet after all these years.

Refusing to face their problem and the reality, the Malays blame others for their misery. As they could hardly find anything to be proud of, they hailed a thief who stole from Chinese shop as hero, and uphold their pride by beating up innocent Chinese passerby, and defending a corrupt prime minister.

If the Malays have the slightest self-respect, or MARUAH, which the Red Rally advocated, they should learn to walk without crutches, stop depending on privilege rights, and stop surviving on our tax money.

So what was hidden beneath the scream of MARUAH was “Hei You Chinese have to continue to feed me and give me whatever I demand or I will hit you with my parang.”

58 years on and they have hardly changed, Melayu tetap Melayu.


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