Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Yes, we are the same, Babi tetap Babi

You always see this sort of hilarious, attention-seeking, Syiok Sendiri act by some clowns who, in the name of “preserving racial harmony”, brand those who ask for equality racists, sweep Malay-inflicted racial problem under the carpet, and ignore the inequality and discrimination that have been institutionalized in this country.

Hei ma-cha, go fuck yourself, we are not the same, unless we have the equal rights as the Malays! We are not the same, unless the Malay privilege is abolished! Therefore I see these clowns as criminals, who put up stupid show to mislead the non-Malay communities by playing down the insult hurled by the Malays for personal fame. What is your agenda? Publish the statistics: how many Malays had come forward to hug you?

The “Maruah” (dignity) the Malays shamelessly defend is not about standing on their own feet or working their way up, but to ask for unconditional compromise by other races to continue to feed them, succumb to their demand and give them whatever they ask for. This is the strangest “racism” in the modern world of the 21st century.  

Errr…hold on, may be, just to make the conformist happy, may be, there is something we share.

Em, OK, so here we are: We have the BABI who are the barbaric majority and ask for right to break into your house and take everything they want in the name of “defending MARUAH MELAYU”, and on the other hand, we also have the BABI who are happy to be oppressed, happy to be second class citizen, happy to forget about getting even when abused and attacked, and happy to be called BABI (yet will hug people in return)

Yes, we are the same, BABI tetap BABI. 




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