Saturday, 4 February 2017


Dear President Trump,

The man in white shirt is Abdul Hadi Awang, the Leader of Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party. I hope you ban him and his men from entering the US.

(Yes, in Malaysia you can openly commit such crime of animal cruelty in the name of some kind of God, it is perfectly legal)

Also, I would like to draw your attention to the suffering of Non-Muslims in Malaysia, where Crosses were removed from churches, statue deemed too big was brought down in Buddhist Temple, Muslim thieves were hailed as heroes for robbing Chinese shops, children was snatched from moms by Muslim fathers, and in the rape case where a Chinese girl was gang raped by Muslim custom officials of a tourist island, the rape victim was ignored, let down and humiliated, and the suspects have never been brought to justice.

What more, they are proposing to legalise the marriage of juvenile girls, and to ban men and women from sitting together in cars.

Please also ban their eunuch, Lim Kit Siang, whose men just held a demonstration at your embassy today. No, they do not represent us.

We see hope in you as we non-Muslim in Malaysia have had enough, and enough is enough. Hope something can be done.








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