Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Privilege…Err…..What Privilege?

A budak Melayu threatened to report my article to police. HoHoHo, this just reflects two situations

First, They truly believe the privileges they enjoy are DEEMED to be theirs and they are in a class DEEMED superior to us so any challenge on the status quo is forbidden

Second, These pussies have lost the ability to connect with the real world and unable to face the truth. When feel threatened, the only reaction is (firstly mengamok hysterically, of course) to shut you up—with the help of police or any other kind of enforcements.

Some bitchy Chinese and the so called MODERN/WESTERNISED Malays would try to talk POSH…..racial harmony, love, humanity, mutual respect, multicultural bullshit bla bla bla. But wait, these Masaleh’s stuffs are all based on the fact of equality, and equality does not even exist in Malaysia!

We have never been treated equally since we were young, be it in the schools, universities, Governmental Departments, or the Police station.

The Chinese have been keeping quiet, but that have to change, you need to step out, tell the Malays how you feel and what we suffer as a non-Muslim. We should stop pleasing them, and let the Western world know what’s happening here.

We are forced and bullied to accept the inequality as Malays have all the enforcement units in their hands, not because we are convinced that they are some sorts of princes of this land.

Princes? Putera? So I repeat this:
This is not Tanah Melayu, this is Tanah Orang Asli
If my ancestors were from China, yours were from Indonesia
Most Malays don't pay tax, they pay the religious stuff called ZAKAT, Non-Muslims have been feeding this nation.

So you budak still jumping up and down? Still angry? Well, that is because no one has ever put it so bluntly to your face. For decades we have been patting your shoulders saying something nice like “kami sekeluarga”, “kami semua anak Malaysia”.

NO, sekeluarga my ass. The truth is, we actually look down on you, even the Banglas are more hardworking, versatile, and entrepreneurial than you. We just say nice words to make you feel good.

Having enjoyed all sorts of privileges for more than 50 years, you still can’t stand on your feet. Feeling lost, you find your pride in the hallucinatory world of religious extremism, connecting your dignity with the welfare of a group of people in Middle East who has never heard of you.

And when I point this out, the only thing you pussy are able to do is to cry and threaten to make Police report.


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