Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Not a bad start, though is not enough, but where is DAP?

DAP has been abandoning Chinese since Lim Kit Siang the eunuch has decided Malay votes are more important. But if DAP really wants to pinch Malay votes, this is the demonstration (on 18th Feb organised by Siti Kasim) they should support and participate. Not the one at US embassy.

Well, the demonstration is a good start, though appealing only to repeal Act RUU 355 is not enough. What we want is to revert to our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS – to live as a secular nation, everyone, including Muslim, has the right to convert to other religion.

# We are not a Muslim Country. We are a Secular Country with Muslim Majority. Don't blur the line. #

There are urban Malays who despise Islamic rules. These Malays hate PAS and JAKIM. We always find Malay couples having sex in parks or bushes because they would be prosecuted if they go to hotel. These are the people DAP should defend, if they want Malay votes.

As we know, Malay gays and transsexuals are the most oppressed and abused group in Malaysia, but who is defending them? What about the Malay women who are not happy to wear hijab and hate to see their hubby marrying 3 other women? Is DAP defending the secular rights of this nation, or the rights of fanatics?

DAP should try to win the supports of the young urban Malays who are less religious by advocating for their secular rights. Unfortunately DAP is such a pussy that the one it tries to please is the conservative bunch!

If DAP dare not even fight to repeal RUU355, or at least take a stand to tell Hadi off, then DAP is drifting away from its key principle of “Malaysian’s Malaysia.” It is sad to see that DAP is  such a pussy, as it has not only betrayed non-Malay, it is betraying the “open-minded” Malay as well. 


大家都知道,林吉祥這太監遺棄了華人而去討好馬來人。但是如果火箭真的要馬來票,這個馬來民運份子 Siti Kasim 發起的在218日,反哈迪366私人法案的示威才是他們應該全力參加和支持的。

這示威是個不錯的開始,雖然所要求還是太保守了。基本上Siti 本人還是很回教的。阻止哈迪的355法案不,要讓我們回到憲法下世俗社會的權益,才是完整的。







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