Sunday, 8 February 2009


老友MV轉寄給我: 此自稱 Mr. Smith 的人在拉惹布特拉專欄中的回應, 其看法是: 那沙魯丁是巫統派來臥底的, 策反其他三人. 霹靂蘇丹則為利益關係而站在國陣那一邊. 其中最大膽的假設是這三人早已被收買, 只是等待時機站出來.


Raja, you could be wrong, very wrong. If only it was as simple as that.

Raja, allow me to explain why you could be wrong. Do you think UMNO did not know that a dissolution was on the cards. Yes, they did. That was why they sent their mole, Nasarudin, to cross over to give Pakatan a false sense of hope and confidence. Nasarudin even claimed that more BN were waiting to cross over, which was again to preempt such a move. Why dissolve the assembly when you had a 5 vote majority?

Remember Anwar said he never urged Nasarudin to cross over but it was Nasarudin who visited him to make known his intentions to join Pakatan. Also bear in mind that Nasarudin did not leave UMNO when he crossed over. He was still an UMNO member.

Then again, if Pakatan leaders were to take your advise and call for a vote to dissolve the Assembly what makes you think that Jamaludin, Osman and Hee would have supported the motion? What makes you think Nasarudin would have voted with Pakatan? He was a Trojan Horse, remember?

UMNO found its quarry in Jamaludin, Osman and Hee because they were the weak links in Pakatan and easy for the pick.

Most probably the trio were already bought over much earlier but allowed to stay on in Pakatan till the "right time".

OK. Forget the scenario above. What makes you think the sultan would have consented to the dissolution of the assembly? He would have rejected the MB's request as he was for a BN government. What makes you think that the sultan who could sack the MB unconstitutionally would accede to his request to dissolve the assembly.

The sultan and Najib know fully well that a snap election would spell the total annihilation of BN in Perak. Would they allow it to happen? What would happen to Gamuda?

Put all the pieces together and you will see an evil conspiracy.

As of today, in Malaysia, Might is Right. People who are defending democracy are being gassed and made into villeins. How could we condone this coup and wait for the General Elections to hit back?

I admire MB Nizar for grit and determination in stand up against this Mighty tyrants who are no better than the Jews.



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